• Advance Screening & Post Dada Party

    INVITATION: Join us for an advance screening of ‘DADA VENDUZA’, a ‘dadaism film by Jay Schwartz‘. Celebrate the film’s premiere with a night of ‘dada’ (dadaismo) AND with our ‘Post Dada Party’ with liv music¬†featuring the ‘Transmystic Blues Sniffers’ & Friends! Date:¬†Friday, January 30, 2015 Venue: Eno Cafe (Ermou 11, Thessaloniki, Greece – City Center …

  • Dada Class Wars

    Dada Class Wars

  • The Yin & Yang Of Dada Venduza

    The Yin & Yang of Dada Venduza.

  • Dada Jester & Dadalisa

    Dada Jester & Dadalisa